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Products | Pool & Whirlpool care | Pool-BLINK

Chlorine-free care product for swimming pools which is pleasant to the skin. It is effective against algae, moulds and micro-organisms such as bacteria. As a consequence of its composition, it is non-hazardous and does not cause irritation to skin or eyes. It is also easy to use for removing algae from jet systems and whirlpools.

Refilling of the pool: 400 ml Pool-BLINK to each 10 m≥ water, adjust pH- value on 7,2Ė7,6. For refreshment each week 100 ml on 10 m≥ water. At turbidity increase the dose. Nether use together with chlorine bleaching solution or other solutions. For cleaning walls, which are strongly infested by algae, Pool-BLINK can be used in relation 1:3 diluted with water, let interacting shortly and afterward wash up with water.



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According the CLP-regulation we are obliged to indicate potential dangers at inappropriate use: Harmful if swallowed. If swallowed: Rinse mouth with plenty of water, if applicable get medical advice. Keep out of reach of children. May cause respiratory irritation. At contact with eyes or skin: rinse out with plenty of water and if applicable get medical advice. Use biocides carefully. Before usage read always the label and product information.

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