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Products | Pool & Whirlpool care

Dr. Hummís Whirl-BLINK
Whirl-BLINK is a sterilising agent for whirlpools which contains no chlorine or formaldehyde. It provides at regular applications a preventive protection against germs and algae. Whirl-BLINK provides also a preventive protection against legionella pneumophila and most of bacteria, viruses and moulds. It is suitable for all whirl-, air- and turbo-pools and even disinfects und cleans pipeworks and prevents widely mould formation.

Whirl-BLINK Basic Cleaner
Basic cleaner for whirlpools, which contains no chlorine or formaldehyde. For the application after long lasting idle-time of the whirlpool, as additional support of our product Whirl-BLINK. Applicable for all whirl-, air- and turbopools. Disinfects, cleans and descales even pipeworks. It acts supporting preventive against germs, algae, legionella pheumophila and most of bacteria, viruses and moulds. It is no substitute for our product Whirl-BLINK for regular application.

Chlorine-free care product for swimming pools which is pleasant to the skin. It is effective against algae, moulds and micro-organisms such as bacteria. As a consequence of its composition, it is non-hazardous and does not cause irritation to skin or eyes. It is also easy to use for removing algae from jet systems and whirlpools.

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